Views from Sandhausen Front Book Flap

It just occured to me that my editor Matt Jacob will be sending me his edits tomorrow, along with a final bill – and I have not sent him all of the copy that needs reviewed.  I had not written the book dust cover front inside flap content .  With no more than 10 minutes time, before Keith Olbermann comes on TV, I punched this (unedited) copy out. 

It think it is good; I’d be interested in feedback from many of the  2,567 blog followers.  Come on back to me.

 Foreign Service Assignments are Glamorous –Right?

Climb aboard this modern day journey to a foreign land.  Join the authors, Cliff and Lynn Feightner as they uproot their comfortable upper middle class life, and take the plunge into a Foreign Service Assignment – while in their early 50’s.  At a time when most people are moving their stock investments into bonds, and researching retirement communities, these intrepid adventurers sell everything that they have accumulated in their 40 years of marriage:  Jaguar, home, furniture, Tupperware and clothing – and move bare-bones to Europe.

Cliff, after a very successful career at a Fortune 100 company, accepts his CIO’s challenge and moves onto the biggest, most adventurous, and funny journey of their lives.  Travel with them as they set up home in a little village called Sandhausen, five kilometers south of Heidelberg Germany.  Knowing none of the language, having had only a few weeks to learn the culture, and looking forward to driving to work at 140 miles per hour on the Autobahn, they careen towards their future.

Explore with them as they stumble through: Germany, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, England, Belgium, Luxembourg, and France.  With a rudimentary set of language skills, in a world that is covered in road signs in a foreign tongue, survive a major car crash; live in their flat in the winter as the windows are replaced (over a six week period).  Drive the legendary ‘Romantic Road’, explore centuries old castles, savor 100 year-old libations, and discover cuts of meat in the Metzgerei that defy understanding, from an unidentifiable group of animals.

Walk with them on their roller-coaster ride of new beginnings, new understandings and new friends – set in a humorous, casual style.  Views from Sandhausen: Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment is the most recent, and one of the very few books available on this misunderstood subject!


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