Developmental Edits due Tomorrow

Today I slowed down a bit.  I have been running pretty intensely and I needed a little downtime.  I experiment with Track backs, and an application called CommentHut Lite V0.30.  This application provides you with, based on your entered keyword, sites that have comment areas on their sites where you can, by entering a cogent comment about their site, ‘plant’ a reference to your website.  Incoming links are extremely valuable when Google and other search engines rank your site on their search lists.

I did some additional research, and worked on the website.  Tomorrow is a big day; my edits are due from Matt Jacob at Edit me FAST.  Once I pay him, I start the process of going through the manuscript once again, accepting, or rejecting his edits and suggestions.  After the expense and time, and based on what he has done for me so far, I am sure that I will do a lot of accepting. 

On the subject of validating edits, I came across the following piece – it documents some of the pain and difficulty that a writer faces when going through this (nearly) final work.  As stated, the credits go to one of the best editors in our industry, A Victoria Mixon.  I also thank my friend Joanna Penn for putting it out on Twitter, making it visible to me.  Thanks Ladies.

5 Things a Writer Always Overlooks

A Victoria Mixon originally wrote this post on her blog and Joanna Penn retweeted it to all of us.  All credit goes to them.

via @victoriamixon and via @thecreativepenn

You know how you work so hard to get that first draft down on the page? How you sacrifice comfort, companionship and casual entertainment, family time, work time, leisure time, exercise, sleep, nutrition, freedom from toxins, sobriety, eventually your very sanity—all for the sake of that novel?

Then you suffer the ‘hellfires of the damned’ in revision?

Then you realize in a blinding flash of epiphany it’s a huge piece of crap and start the whole cycle over again? Because you want that badly for it to be good?

And then you finally, finally, finally have a manuscript you’re proud of, a beautiful, heartfelt evocation of everything you needed to say in exactly the way you needed to say it, and you hire an editor, and send that baby off. . .and it comes back. . .all EDITED.

What the hell?

Such a thankless task it is. These are the things every writer—even you, even me—always, by necessity, overlooks:

The rest of this post can be found on A Victoria Mixon’s site.


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  1. Your style is really unique compared to other people I have read stuff from. Thank you for posting when you have the opportunity, Guess I will just bookmark this blog.

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