Intense Activity

Intense activity on a host of fronts marked the last two days.  On the editing front, Matt Jacob asked for an extension of his promise date by five days.  This is not a problem for me as I seek Quality work over Timely activity.  From what I have seen and heard, he is doing great work with the Views from Sandhausen manuscript.  While my writing is, in his estimation, of high quality, the formatting has created additional work for him.  As mentioned, earlier, the ‘creation’ environments of Lotus Notes, then Word 03, and now Word 07, has made for extra work that was not clear until he had the actual manuscript.

He provided me with valuable feedback and validation on my Blog.  Mind you, I created that blog completely by myself, including the top banner photo, taken in Innsbruck Austria.  He has also been giving me some very good tips on the website creation ( ) front.  He has asked about Keywords, and track-back and back links, all necessary elements for the search engines to find the site.  I have created the Keywords list and I sent it to him – which resulted in more great advice.  Back links were on my radar but I was holding off on addressing the issue until the site was up.  That was flawed thinking on my part (a case of doing too much at the same time).  Why not start them now and have them point to the blog?  Duh…

I have done a lot more research and investigating additional elements.  The book that I ordered on Search Engine Optimization arrived, as did WordPress for Dummies.  I have also made hard decisions about hosting, Shopping Cart, and how to move this blog to the main Views from Sandhausen site.

I usually work from about 8:00 AM until Erik arrives home, between 5:00 – 6:00 PM.  If he is spending the evening with Teresa, I go right back to work after dinner, until 11: PM. 

As Robert Goodman said today on my LinkedIn Book writing group, “Whatever publishing option you choose to follow, remember what a few people have already said here.  This is a business.  Unless you publish just as a hobby, you need to give it as much attention as a business demands.  Whether your book is published by a POD (Print on Demand) outfit or one of the New York giants, success, however you define success, depends on you. Do it the right way–and even then, there will be no guarantees.
Your book is like your business card. Whether it is designed badly or well or written poorly or eloquently, it is a projection of you. Most readers will be attracted or repelled by the almost subliminal message it sends long before they have read a single chapter. Make sure your book’s aesthetics attract readers and does not repel them.
If your book is going to be publicized and promoted, you are going to do it. No one cares more about your book than you do, so don’t depend on one of these no ones to create sales. No one cares more about your book than you do. If you don’t demonstrate that you care, why should anyone else?
I’ve had more than a few clients who acted as if their books would sell themselves. They still have cartons and cartons of books in their garage. I asked the husband of one client what reason anyone would have for buying his wife’s book. “Because it’s funny,” he answered. Even if it were funny (and it was not), no one would know that until after they had bought and read the book.
It’s a bigger challenge today than it’s ever been. More than a million books were published last year. We are all becoming small fish in a big pond. Meanwhile, the Internet is constantly redefining what it means to be a publisher or a published author. Publishing and writing may be fun alternatives to having a real job. But finding ways to stand out even in niches within that crowd is real work and not something for the naive, the lazy, or the unprepared.”

Hence, all the work that I am putting into this. 

Well, time to stop talking about what I am doing and get back to ‘doing’ it!



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