Into the Weeds

The last two days have been interesting and have shown me that there is a lot more to this project that I originally anticipated.  There was no reason for that fog; I know perfectly what I have to do.  I guess I was taking a break from reality.

Views from Sandhausen ’ web site; there is a challenge.  As I merrily went down the road of ‘picking the low-hanging fruit’ e.g. purchase a web builder template, reserve the website address, and doing a little casual research – I ignored the really tough stuff.  Like who is going to design the site?  Originally I though, I will.  Well, I am not a site designer, much less an “Author Site” web designer.  I need one if I can afford it.  Furthermore, how about the ‘plug-ins’ that make a simple site into an eCommerce site?  Things like a Newsletter Builder, a tool to gather ‘opt-in’ email addresses from visitors, an auto responder that can message back to those who might sign up automatically.  Then there was the task of merging into the main site.  Little things like site accounting, a database to store and serve information to the sites guests, How about a visit statistics tool that will allow me to optimize the site based on user’s experience.  Then there is the task of Usability Testing, and site stress testing.

Now, I can do a whole boatload of these things myself but as I said, I am NOT an author site design expert.  After all, based on how the site performs, it drives book sales.  That is somewhat important.  RATS.

I have hooked up Karin B. at .  Their business is to design websites for authors.  So far, so good.  In looking at their prices, they seem to be a little higher that I can afford.  I had a conference Call with Karin today and she is sending me a proposal based on a two-page specification that I sent to her, with the understanding that to save money, I must do the real coding of the site. 

Then, the Thesis WordPress theme that I purchased is manipulated is a high-level computer language called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) .  Well that is a foreign language to me.  Therefore, I went out and grabbed several on-line courses in CSS and I will be spending the next several days learning CSS.  I have written code in nine different computer languages since 1966; CSS ought to be a piece of cake.

I have found leads on all the plug-ins that I need; it now appears to be a matter of money.  The Newsletter Builder may have to wait a bit but I know what auto-responder I want. I will handle accounting and/or database with Go Daddy, along with site statistics and reporting.  I have a good lead on a combined Usability and Stress Testing provider – again a matter of money.  I anticipate hearing back from Karin on Thursday, this.

We are two days away from Matt Jacob’s promise date of September 23.  I need to confer with him to see where we are since last Friday.  He calls his business “Edit me Fast”.  I have his word. 

It looks like the next ten days are going to be intense.  God I LOVE the pressure; Now if I could only be paid to do this…

Have a great week everyone…


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