“Views from Sandhausen” Free Preview Written – Available Soon.

This has been a busy two days.  It started with the AuthorHouse website Author Center.  True to their promise, there are a number of resources, including videos available for us to use.  One is a video describing the various phases of the publishing process in their shop.  Along with that, being a Project Manager I created a GANTT chart defining my understanding of the timeline.  I’ll send it to Kayla, my Check-in Coordinator, and see what reaction I get.  Here is how it looks to me.

I’ve also written the ‘Authors Profile’, and ‘About the Book’, documents and forwarded them on to Matt.  “Author’s Profile” is back and all suggestions accepted. 

Then the challenge was to extract the Free Preview teaser.  This is a 1,000 word excerpt that must do a lot of things.   Authors put the teaser on web sites to encourage people to buy. 

“With your “About the Book” copy, you are trying to entice readers to read your book. Your writing needs to be grammatically correct and well written.” Credit: AuthorHouse site

I’ve selected a good sample about one of the funnier episodes in our assignment, about half way through the assignment.  As soon as I have Matt’s blessing, I’ll post it to this site.  Well, I’ve only been at this for 10 hours on the Labor Day Sunday.  There is still a lot of work to be done!  Happy Holiday!


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