Shift in Emphasis

Now with the editing process well underway, it is time to return my focus to the publisher, AuthorHouse.   They offer a  number of options, or services, that they will offer to you for a price.   You select what you need, and can afford.  Since I want to make this book into a  Best Seller , I purchased a wide range of options, including:

Services Provided
One-on-one author support   Professional Marketing Consultation
Custom full-color cover   Bookstore availability
Custom interior design  Complimentary author copies
ISBN assignment Digital Formatting and Distribution (e-Book) 
Electronic proof Image Insertions
Online distribution  Personalized Back Cover    
Copyright and LOC Control Number  Barnes & Noble See Inside the Book 
Book Buyers Preview  Marketing Kit 
Booksellers Return Program  Google & Amazon Search Programs 
Book Signing Kit  

To execute this plan they need a significant amount of information from me.  They gather this information in a series of forms that I fill out, then transfer to


Then, through a series of design and production calls, my comments are melded with their Design Input plus the manuscript – to produce a book. 

So, it is once again Full Speed Ahead.  I’m really finding this process invigorating and cathartic.  Just what the doctor ordered!



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