Back on the Road Again!

My new Editor, Matt Jacob finished his trial edit on our manuscript today.  It was wonderful, thorough, thoughtful, and timely. 

 After I received his work product, I realized that the ‘polished’ manuscript that we wrote will be immeasurably improved through his efforts.    He has fed back that: “However, if your manuscript is of the same high quality writing found in your emails, I believe I could finish the project earlier”.   Good news for us all!  As time goes by, I will keep you all posted through the blog:

He has stated that he “…will perform line editing and copy editing as described in the definition of terms. My editing service also includes what could be regarded as developmental editing, which I offer in the form of comments within the document and supplementary explanatory notes. Using the terminology on my website, I will perform proofreading and in-depth, substantive editing”.  So, there we are – Full Speed Ahead!

The response to the Kickstarter campaign has become a little disappointing.  I must see what I can do to increase traffic!

Rest assured that if we do not achieve our goal, all contributors will not be charged by  All (potential) contributors shall be listed as supporters in the book proper.  All will be sent a book, but I would appreciate a donation for the cost of the book that I send to you.  Fair enough?


One response to “Back on the Road Again!

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I love your blog, and I look forward to beginning the full editing process tomorrow!

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