Progress Update

I haven’t posted much lately because there is little going on.  I just made my second of three payments to my publisher and that will be finished next month.  The last challenge is to have a good editor line-edit my manuscript.  I’ve done the research and narrowed the field down to three.  The selection will be made based on their reputation and their performing a sample edit.

 With that behind us the publishing process can move forward again.  Recently I have been going through the resources available to me on the web and the work product of literary Indie authors and others.  There are lots of great ideas out there which I shall steal shamelessly – with appreciation to the originator!

 The Marketing Plan progresses well and I will have it fleshed out in time for the start of final publishing process.  I have also been corresponding with press release folks and gathering free sources of telling the world about our book.  We will have a web page on the AuthorHouse site and I will also put up an independent site  The site will be up in October latest.

 I have the URL but await determining what resources AuthorHouse can provide to me.  That information release can only follow the submission of the manuscript to AuthorHouse, which can only follow the line-edit.

 I don’t know if the blog has any followers out there; if so, please post any thoughts or questions that you might have.  Have a Great weekend and God Bless.


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