“Views from Sandhausen” Overview

“Views from Sandhausen” – Experiences from a Foreign Service Assignment


 ‘Views from Sandhausen’ is a diary of an American couple on their first Foreign Service assignment in Europe.  He is an experienced international traveler who is an Information Technology Professional, then working for an American Fortune 100 company – assigned to Germany.  His wife is a well-tended adventurous woman who revels in the good life that being married to a successful mid-level executive provides.

‘Views’ is a series of over 100 notes (with photos), sent home to their friends and families – to keep them updated.  ‘Views’, is funny, heart-breaking, informative, thought-provoking, and provides the reader with a look at what is entailed in ripping a successful middle-aged couple from their comfortable life in the United States, and dropping them into an entirely new set of circumstances overseas.  It is a view that you will not read in Fodor’s and is not commonly available in any other venue. 

With very little support from “The Company” this loving couple learns lessons the hard way, and overcomes the challenges with grace and determination.  It will serve couples faced with a similar challenge as an essential guide.  For others, it is a quick, humorous, entertaining read about a world that only a few will experience.  It is an emotional investment in a new opportunity, a journey of triumph as obstacles are conquered.

Our target audience includes:

  • Readers looking for a quick, emotional journey with many cheers and a few tears.
  • General readers who enjoy learning new ideas in a humorous, 3rd person presentation.
  • Expatriates serving or planning to serve overseas
  • Corporate organizations and personnel interested in the subject
  • International travelers
  • Readers interested in Europe

Cliff Feightner

Sandhausen, Germany and Homosassa, FL

Summer, 2010



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